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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Transitioning out loud

So you have a blog, and it's out there for all the world to see. I do too. Chances are, you publish it somewhat anonymously. I do that as well. Yes, we're pretty brave to write about our transition in public. Well, semi-public.

How would you feel if your transition were really public? As in, published on the web site of a major newspaper? That's what Jillian Page has done. Her transition blog, Patent Pending, appears on the web site of the newspaper for which she works, The Gazette, the leading English-language newspaper in Montreal. The very first post, written about a year ago, even made it into the print edition. Now that's public.

Despite this high-profile outlet, Jillian is quite candid with her thoughts about her transition and about gender-related issues. She recently covered the Trans Pride Conference in Montreal, an important gathering of trans people and trans health care providers.

I'm not crazy about the blog's navigation, or lack thereof, but it's worth scrolling through to get a flavour of the kinds of things Jillian writes about, from whimsical to profound. I have added the blog link below as well for the most recent stories.

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