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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tiana's "Being My True Self"

I have a dear friend who just recently transitioned on the job. From what I hear things went exceptionally well and she is finally settling into her role as her true self.

Speaking of true selves, Tiana no longer posts over on Yahoo 360 and has begun her own blog here on Blogger. It's titled "Being My True Self," and I think the world of Tiana. Following her over the last two years, our lives seemed to eerily parallel each other, and even now I wonder what kind of exciting future holds for my friend.

That's her on the right, taken at last year's IFGE conference in Tucson. She and friend Marie A were doing some sort of cotton-eye-joe or something like that. I was busy with camera in hand. So head on over to her new blog, follow her by clicking on the Followers box, and say hi. I'm sure that friendly Texan will be glad you did. Yee-haw! And be sure to tell her not to kill me for posting this photo!

1 comment:

  1. She won't have to, I'm gonna get to you first!!LOL
    OK, forget SRS, FFS here I come!
    Tiana really looks luminous there, doesn't she?!


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