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Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Review - Almost Perfect

Viv, the "Grrl in the Corner", has graced us with her review of the book, Almost Perfect.  The book is about a boy who befriends a transsexual girl.  Go here to read the Viv's review.

And while you're visiting Viv's relatively unknown blog, take some time to explore her writing.  There are more book reviews, some TG commentary, fashion comments, and a host of other thoughts.  This post, My TG Flavor, will tell you a bit about Viv.


  1. I've read other good reviews of that book. Probably should check it out of the library.

  2. I reviewed this myself last month, and felt much the same way Viv does about it. It's the realism of it, and the use of Logan as a very flawed main character, that made it work for me.


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