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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tae'lath Transcends

I've been quietly following Sera's blog from just about day one.  

She refers to herself as a "Lesbian transgirl in Hollywood".   

And, this girl IS Hollywood!  She's the bassist for the heavy metal band, We Are God's Weapon 

Tai'lath Transcends is Sera's blog.  You'll also see ample mention of her girlfriend...ah...that would be fiancee (read all about it here), Elizabeth, who has her own blog, Maybe, Maybe not...

But, the real reason I wanted to mention Sera's blog is to share with all of you her excellent, day-by-day, journal of gender reassignment surgery in Thailand.  I've read many GRS journals, but this one is complete.  I'd recommend you start with her post, On The Option of Surgery, and then read her subsequent posts.  If you are considering GRS in Thailand, Sera's journal should be mandatory reading.

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  1. I've know Elizabeth for a good while now here on blogger, and started following Sera's blog, when she and Elizabeth became an item, and Sera went to Thailand for her op. Two very sweet girls, and I love them both!

    Melissa XX


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