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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fresh from Salad Bingo to You!

authenticity ~ belonging ~ courage ~ compassion ~ connection

Those are the labels on Dr. Brené Brown's home page and while she does not write about trans issues, in only an hour or so of browsing, I am convinced we can all understand ourselves better (as would anyone else) by seeing her videos and reading her work.

A big thank you to Diana at Salad Bingo for her post “Vulnerability” and the link to a TED talk Brené gave. Having only had a chance to dip into this goldmine of ideas I will not attempt to say much more.

Dr. Brown is a "researcher/story teller" who writes about the joys of living authentically. Just reading her book titles tells you there is much needed validation here.

Please stop by Diana's post to thank her personally before you risk getting lost in Dr. Brown's world.

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