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Saturday, March 19, 2011

When Does The Freak Show End? one really ever fully understands the desperation and torment a transperson feels all their life more than another transperson. Therefore, we transfolk, really should not expect others to fully understand why we can take such drastic steps in life to be our true selves, to the extend that we even put transition in front of the ones we love most in life. Yes, with the shoe on the other foot.........we do indeed seem to be selfish, and possibly even heartless.

What Alex says, above, is so, so true for so many.  She reflects on this and her relationship with her family nearly 5 years after she began her transition and 2 1/2 years since her GRS.  

Read about it in When Does The Freak Show End?


  1. This is another great contribution from Alex. Still, I don't share the pessimistic view. I really hope we can reach the point where transgender issues are fully understood by everybody. It will take a lot of work to educate our societies (some more than others), but I wouldn't give up at this point... At least in my case many people, in addition to my trans-friends, have reach the point of full understanding of my issues.

    Then, Alex, keep on going! You have achieved a lot so far, so I'm sure you'll reach your goal.

  2. Thanks Dania. I will indeed reach my goals, but some will just take a little more time than others.
    My kids welfair is top for me, and I wish to protect them from the bad side of society as much as my ex does. Sadly, even although my ex and I do not see eye to eye on some issues related to my children, she has the upper hand in this case......but time will heal that issue as well.
    In reading the repies on my blog, they do vary in opinions on how others think I should be dealing with this issue. The thing is, this is everyone's own individual journey, and I believe my choices are right for me and my doesn't make it right or wrong......just my way. x


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