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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Announcing the @TCentralBlogs Twitter feed

    You will all be pleased to hear that we now have another channel through which to deliver top quality posts from our community's bloggers, we've created a Twitter feed.
    This is an "Editor's pick" rather than simply a replication of the main T-Central blog list, so you will see us Tweeting quality posts that catch our eye for whatever reason.
    They may be on serious topics, deeply personal ones, the purely frivolous, or simply those that make us laugh. Some days you may see several Tweets, on others hardly anything.
    In addition we will use the Twitter feed to announce new blogs featured on T-Central, as well as new T-Central posts.
    So if you are a Twitter user please consider following us by clicking on the button below, and retweeting us to all your friends. Because the bloggers we feature deserve as wide an audience as possible.
Follow TCentralBlogs on Twitter


  1. Great idea.

    Any chance of adding a twitter-feed gadget to this page for those of us who hate twitter but love information?

  2. Thank you.

    A Twitter gadget and a follow button are both being considered for this page. However as you will appreciate space is at a premium here so we have yet to reach a final decision on whether to include one and indeed where it will be placed.


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