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Thursday, May 5, 2011

How do you know your decision to transition was correct?

    It is probably safe to say that the decision when to transition is one of the most important ones to be made in the life of a person born with gender dysphoria. Some people get it right and live happily ever after while others get it wrong and have to live with the consequences. Yet more of us spend a lifetime trying to avoid it, with varying degrees of success.
    Kathryn has made her decision on transition and is well on her way. Her latest post, "How do you know your decision to transition was correct?", examines the motivations behind that decision and makes the point that transition alone is not a cure-all.
    Read it here, it's a powerful post.


  1. Perhaps I am missing something here, or perhaps I am just in DENIAL and refusing to accept the obviously REALITY that the men running this tranny support site are just beating their own meat and want everybody to hop and dance in tune with their "beat".

    Kathryn Martin is a high intensity lifestyle transvestite that has just slipped over the edge into "trannyland". This is NOT a pejortive or aput down. It is just a simple fact.

    Well good luck 'sweetie'. Enjoy the ride. Be that "tranny lawyer" that used to be a guy. I am sure you will wear that particular hat well. More power to you.

    However. I ademantly object to trannys like KM and the rest of the "good ol'boys club, wannabe women" running ths site TELLING EVERYBODY HOW IT IS TO TRANSITION.

    TRANSITION TO WHAT??? Asexual "ITS"? GET REAL!. You still have a pair! Why can you not act like you own them and speak the truth.

    BUT since you lack the courage, (BALLS) to own up to the reality of your tranny lives, at least demostrate the INTEGRITY to allow those that HAVE BEEN THROUGH THE FIRE, and have not only survived but thrived, to speak openly and freely, without demonizing us as elitists and worse.

    We are not the haters. We re te ones standing by the edge of the cliff, warning of te "sudden stop" and the end of that "freedom flight".

  2. Anne, as so often you have missed the entire point behind the post. And of course I have had to delete your comments because it always comes down to calling me names and outright insulting me, when the actual contributions to the topic run out. Here you have in one fell swoop insulted everyone else as well. Sadly, because you would have much of importance to contribute.

    I don't tell people how to transition, I tell people what my thoughts are about my transition and transitioning and the things I find to be important.

  3. @KM Do not insult my intelligence or the intelligence of your readers. You have the balls to speak for early transitioners, about which you know NOTHING.

    How DARE YOU presume to describe, much less understand what it was like for me, or people like me, to do what we HAD to do.

    HOW EPIC YOUR ARROGANCE! AT age 57, you have lived a lifetime as a MAN. That is a FACT. A few months ago, you DECIDED you would prefer to live the rest of your life as a "woman". So now you rare not only an "expert", but a "role model". What a huberistic CROCK!

    You have yet to suffer the trauma of SRS and the discomfort of surgical recovery. You live in your little town, playing "gurl" and have imposed your "trans fantasy" upon your "friends" neighbors and associates and you delude yourself believing that they "accept" you as a woman.

    Well Kat, you are welcome to your naive assumption but at least have the personal integrity to NOT peddle your delusions to those who might be vunerable to your OUTRIGHT FALLICIES and mis-statement of facts in the hopes of justifying your own ersonal delusion.

  4. Insulting people should qualify for immediate comment deletion. If you can't form a dissenting opinion without damning everyone to their tranny hell, you should be moderated.

    Sad that it has come to this.

  5. Anne, I do not think I have ever claimed to be speaking for anyone but myself. Certainly I have not claimed to be speaking for early transitioners. That does not mean that I cannot speak to my own observations, among which, there are those about which I wrote. Does it mean I believe my writings are of general application? I certainly do not and have never claimed that to be the case. They are simply observations.
    You accuse me of presuming what it was like for you to transition. I know nothing about that except those years during my youth when I struggled through a process similar to yours yet failed to take the step you did. With every sentence you have written at me, to me and against me, you continuously presume to write “facts” about my life about which you know nothing at all. Saying that I am presumptuous is surely in the best case scenario calling the kettle black and the resulting abuse you keep throwing at me can lead me to only one conclusion, namely, that you consider me a substantial threat to your way of thinking.
    Generally, people do not choose to be role models, they earn it. I am sure I am a long way away from it, but when the time comes and someone sees me that way, I will embrace it and be honored that someone would think of me that way.
    Not having arrived at the point in time where the surgical work is permitted by the Standards of Care applied by the surgeons offering this procedure cannot possibly be thought of by you as a failure of my intentions. What my friends, colleagues and neighbors think of me reflects itself in their conduct and friendship they bring towards me. There is little else that could possibly be relevant. I certainly am not prepared to assign motives to the people around me except those that a visible by their actions and words.

  6. Kathryn,
    You owe NO ONE a justification for what you do, how you live your life, and for God's sake, what you write on YOUR OWN PAGE ON YOUR OWN BLOG. Tell the world you're Jesus Christ if you really want to. If we don't care, we won't read, and we certainly won't comment.

    As for me, I read it and enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  7. It was me that posted this piece with a link to Kathryn's article.

    As do the other T-Central admins when they write pieces I did so because I felt it was a well-written post which well covered an issue of importance. In short, an interesting piece for anyone to read, whether they agree with its sentiment or not.

    We here at T-Central welcome comments from anyone. We prefer those comments to be lively and we like them to be challenging. We do not however appreciate it when our site becomes a venue for flame wars.

    Thus commenting has been closed for this piece.

    Move along please, there is nothing more to see here.


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