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Monday, May 30, 2011

A most memorable and inspiring speech

Christine Burns is probably one of the most important trans activists in Europe. In a world where we sometimes struggle for acceptance, Christine has not only transitioned successfully, but has been one of the finest and most eloquent activists there has been. So effective in fact that she was awarded an MBE by the Queen for 'representing transgendered people'. [Ed note:- the word transgender has a slightly different meaning in the UK to that in the US, and in this context is interchangeable].
But we digress slightly.
In Christine's own blog Just Plain Sense she has been talking about going through papers and notes from nearly 20 years ago and her most recent post contains the following introduction which I cannot summarize better than Christine herself
....I dusted off a report that I had written back in 1993.......... the whole conference represented an epiphany for me, and how moved I was at the end. Part of the reason for feeling so emotional at the conference close was this final contribution from the endocrinologist, Professor Louis Gooren ............. It remains as relevant for campaigners today as it felt when hearing it for the very first time. You just have to wonder why, 18 years on, the same arguments are still necessary in some quarters

You can find that speech on her blog here. It is as true now as it was then and I think will withstand repeated readings. Thank you Christine for having the foresight to keep your notes and re-posting them.

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  1. Indeed, an excellent speech, Karen. Thanks for introducing me to a blog I was unaware of.


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