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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Being Different to My Family

We can help our families avoid misgendering us by appearing, behaving, and thinking differently than we were before our transition.

Kathleen's blog is just full of information....common sense information.  In this featured post, she suggests ways to stop or reduce the misgendering so common among the families and friends of someone who is in transition or has transitioned.  She also says that it's not easy.  Read more in her post, Being Different to My Family. 

Who is Kathleen?  In her words:

Most of my life I thought I was a heterosexual crossdresser or transvestite. I stifled myself; I hid my interests; in fact, I developed interests for camoflage: that's why I took blue-collar jobs after getting my B.A. in English literature, so no one would suspect that I loved to wear women's clothes. 

It wasn't until her 58th year that she finally realized who and what she is: Kathleen, a transsexual.  You'll find more in About Kathleen.

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