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Sunday, December 7, 2014

So You Want to be a T-Girl

Over on the right side of the T-Central home page is a section called Articles and Papers.  I was doing a little house cleaning today and about half of the links in that section were broken.  They're all fixed now.  Most of the papers are still available, but the addresses had been changed.

When going through the links, I noticed So You Want to be a T-Girl.  If you haven't read this article (it's really a book), you really should.  It is brutally honest and tells it like it is.  Here's the book's last sentence:

And the final thought: If you have or if you wish to attain stealth as a woman, then this entire book boils down to one thought and one thought alone… you are and never were anything more than just another one of the three billion women out there. If you have taken this road, or are intending to, all you can ever hope to achieve after all your work, money, pain, loss, suffering, and effort, is at the very best, a level playing field. That is all we are, and that is all you are… just another woman out there mucking your way through life. No pot of gold, no Holy Grail, so special prize… just the simple, honest, and very well earned goal of womanhood. Nothing more, and nothing less, awaits you.
I have never been able to determine who the author is.  I first read it about 7 years ago.  The links have changed over the years but, fortunately, it still exists.  I really recommend this to anyone who is considering transitioning.

The picture associated with this post is from the blog, Walking in Two Worlds: A Trans Therapist's Journey, which is listed on T-Central.

If you know of an interesting link, article, paper, etc., that others would benefit from reading, please let me know.

1 comment:

  1. That final thought really sums it up. The bonus is finally not playing a false role but living unshackled and free...


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