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Monday, December 22, 2014

Abigale's Christmas Markets

Let me start by saying that this post has absolutely nothing to do with the "T" in T-Central.

With that said, one of the pleasures of blogging is meeting others, who are like-minded, from not only your own country, but from around the world.  Halle, from Ontario, Canada, Jenny, from England, and I, are a good example.  The three of us met, via the blogging world, and are now the three admins for T-Central.

Years ago I did a post, on my own blog, relating to not transitioning.  A like-minded woman in Germany wrote me regarding that post and it was the beginning of an on-line friendship that continues to this day.  Every Christmas, she would tell me about the Christmas Markets in her city.  She painted such a pretty picture of this uniquely German tradition that I have vowed to someday visit Germany at Christmas time.

I recently met Abigale, a relatively new blogger who loves to write and communicate with others from around the world.  My kind of girl!!  She lives in Germany, so I asked her to describe the Christmas Markets in her city.  She has, and she's sharing her reply with everyone via her blog, Abigale's Airings.

Since it's the holiday season, I thought this would be a good chance to introduce everyone to Abigale's blog.  And, yes, Abigale is a T-Blogger, so she has plenty to write about of interest to us.  This time, however, just relax and imagine you're in a German city at Christmas time and read Abigale's description of this lovely German tradition.

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