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Friday, March 27, 2015

Coping without

"As a part-time girl, operating under what can at times be difficult circumstances, there are inevitably times when I can’t be who I want to be."

Siobhan discusses a topic many of us can relate to in Coping Without, from her blog, Siobhan Hapgood.

Who is Siobhan?  In her words:

Most of the time, I’m a fairly normal bloke. When time permits though, I’m an utterly gorgeous redhead who likes her dresses on the short side, a little too much make up and the occasional outing in skinny trousers. Oh, and we both like very small trains, (British Rail steam/diesel transition period in N gauge), Gilbert and Sullivan operas, early Bowie, (the jury is still out on anything after ‘Alladin Sane’), ‘Frasier’, anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, silver jewellery and ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’, (the old black and white TV series with Richard Greene where Maid Marion wears a lovely pointy bra).

Read more, here.

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