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Thursday, March 5, 2015

What If I Couldn’t Transition? That’s An Interesting Question…

Obviously I want to transition and obviously I’m transgender. Nobody cis looks at transitioning and goes “Hmmm loss of privilege, vastly increased chance of street harassment, lowered life expectancy, strained friendships, damaged job opportunities… sounds tempting! I’ll think about it.”

I am trans. I want to transition, but I don’t need to.

What a great post from Mia!  In this post, she shares her thoughts from a recent counseling session.  The post is titled, What If I Couldn’t Transition? That’s An Interesting Question…, from her terrific blog, Gender Drift.

This is so much good stuff in this blog, I really had trouble deciding which recent post to feature.  You may also want to read, Learning to forgive myself.  

From Mia's About page: "I'm a twenty-something, assigned male at birth, British and currently exploring my own gender identity."

I hope you enjoy reading Mia's thoughts as much as I have.

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