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Monday, March 16, 2015

Language and Transwomen's Place

This one is for those of you who consider yourself the more "clinical" of the T-World.  I put myself in that category and really enjoyed the thoughts set forth in this featured blog post.

Katerina is into language.  I mean she is REALLY into language.  In this case, she has a lot to say about MtF passing and just how women speak, in general.  Vocal pitch aside, think about it:  Do women speak differently from men?  Darn right (or is it damn right?) they do, and many of us feel that how we speak, the words used (Darn vs Damn, for instance), when presenting as women, is one part of the puzzle in passing.  Katerina questions, from a feminist's point of view, how cis-women speak in general and then questions transwomen who try to develop a female form of speech modeled after the way cis-women speak.

Really, I'm probably just torturing Katerina right now with a very poor synopsis of this blog post.  Best to read it yourself and form your own conclusion.  She's put a lot of thought into this, and it deserves to be read.  This post is just screaming for comments, so please consider leaving your thoughts on Katerina's blog.  The post is titled, Language and Transwomen's Place, from her blog, Gender Lane.

I'll note that Katerina has Google's Content Warning page on her blog.  Nothing to worry about other than a few swear words that you have all seen and heard.

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