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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

“regret rates” are not the sole measure of outcomes

Because I transitioned 20 years ago, I know many MTF transitioners that were in my cohort or even 5-10 years before. What I see is concerning. I am the only one out of them that has detransitioned, and most of them would not say that they regret their transition and continue to go by feminine pronouns and feminine names. In terms of life outcomes, I would say economically they are mostly doing well. However, socially they are struggling. Most of them are alone. I see a lot of social anxiety, people being unwilling to leave the house. In addition, they still continue to deal with dysphoria and have emotional difficulties.

Strong observations from TWT, which have drawn some interesting comments.  The post is titled, “regret rates” are not the sole measure of outcomes, from the blog, Third Way Trans.

I want to point out that Third Way Trans is not a blog that necessarily promotes detransitioning or not transitioning.  It is simply the thoughts of someone who did transition from male to female, and then detransitioned.  The author remains open minded but promotes, as it says at the top of the page, "alternate ways to think about gender dysphoria, gender identity, retransition, detransition and transgender issues from a former trans woman and psychology grad student".

In looking through this blog, I also want to point out a post that might be of interest to some considering a gender transition:  To the young gender questioners, I was you.

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