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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Empty Pouch in My Boxer Briefs

There is a hole in my vocabulary. I rarely talk about my genitals or anyone else’s. I don’t like to use either scientific terms or slang. The words sound foreign to me. Growing up, I pretended there was nothing there, the way male and female dolls are smooth and intact under their clothes.

You know, I have been known to utter almost exactly what Jamie Ray wrote, above.  My close friends know that I hate the "P" word.  There's one big difference, however, between Jamie Ray's pretending nothing's down there and my own: Jamie Ray is FtM.  

It's an interesting perspective from "the other side of the coin", which is featured far too seldom on T-Central.  The Empty Pouch in My Boxer Briefs, is from Jamie Ray's blog, A Boy and Her Dog.

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