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Friday, October 16, 2015

Anorexic? Nah, Just Gender Dysphoria!

For many, many years Jules told me that she was worried because I appeared to be anorexic to her.Why? 
Well because no matter how much weight I have lost I have never been satisfied and have always told her that maybe I would be happier if I lost a bit more.  This has worried her and minding her concerns I have always tempered my weight loss desires.

I totally get this post from Nadine.  I was accused, by both my wife and people at work, of having an eating disorder.  I didn't.  I least I think I didn't but, like Nadine, I just wasn't (and still am) not happy with many things about my body.

Anorexic? Nah, Just Gender Dysphoria!, is from Nadine's blog, Unordinary Style.


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