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Friday, April 22, 2016

Battling the Regret of Having Transitioned

I chose to make this new life for myself. I chose to risk everything I had to live a life more true to who I was. I chose, as my therapist put it today, to live as Emma instead of dying as Robert (via suicide) because I wasn’t ready to die. I chose this path and in many ways it has led to the destruction of the life I once had. I cannot go back. I burned the bridge behind me and there is no way to go back to what once was.

Battling the Regret of Having Transitioned, is a brutally honest post, but it's not necessarily what the title suggests.  This is a post about regrets, but it's also a post about consuming huge amounts of alcohol and what it can do to youI want to note that this is definitely NOT a de-transitioning post.  It is, rather, a beautifully written post involving the regrets, but also the joys of transitioning, along with the complications of excessive alcohol consumption.

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