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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

On Dating and Transgender People

It seems to me that there are certain members of our community who seem to think that the transgender person has an (almost) inalienable right to a romantic relationship and that regardless of where they are on the spectrum or indeed where they are in the process of transitioning (assuming that they are transitioning), that they deserve to find a date. This gets rather political when a male to female transgender person wants to date a cis-gender woman who identifies as a lesbian, but who refuses to do so, sometimes citing the presence of a penis as a problem for them, or perhaps more problematically believes that the transgender woman is in some way ‘not a woman’ or lacks the shared experiences that are important to her in a romantic partner.

What Daniella discusses in this post is real-life experience for many who have transitioned or are in transition.  I've seen it happen and have written about it in my own blog.  Please go to, On Dating and Transgender People, to read Daniella's thoughts.

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