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Monday, May 9, 2016

Bared Soul

It pains me, you must understand, that being Stefani brings me little joy. It’s a burden that I’m learning to make peace with, but not a gift I can treasure. The ironic truth is that to find peace and happiness, I have to give up the illusion that Stefani doesn’t exist. I am Stefani. To deny her is to deny myself, and to deny myself is to live a lie. The truth, in all its agony and glory, is magnitudes more desirable than to live behind half-truths and complete lies.

Stefani wrote this post a bit over a week ago.  It's a post that should draw comments but I have yet to see one.  This girl wants romance, yet she feels that being trans will never give her what she so desires.  We all know that IT never goes away, and Stefani now realizes that too.  What do you think?  Read Bared Soul and consider leaving a comment.

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