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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Rethinking late-onset transgender narratives

In a world where people just accept that people change genders rather than discover their true gender…it is much more easy to accept a sudden change in your colleague, Bob. When Bob comes to the office one Monday morning and announces he’s a girl then you think nothing of it because you know that people change genders. But when you believe he was always a girl trapped in a boy’s body you start thinking about Bob in the past. “But he used to love slagging off women…he used to love football…he used to etc. etc.” Bob is kind of on trial.

I read this and thought......interesting......and left it at that.  Rethinking late-onset transgender narratives is well worth reading, however.  And, really, we still know absolutely nothing about why we are the way we are, so perhaps the theory proposed here by Felix Conrad should be interesting....

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