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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Crysti's Transition - Phase 1 through 7

Perhaps you read many cross dressers/transvestites who seem to cling to a specific article of women's clothing. (Like hose for an example.) I am not saying it is right or wrong, to each their own, but I just didn't. I wanted to look the best I could, but increasingly being a woman was overcoming looking like one in my mind. Sure shaved legs and panty hose felt great for a while until the world awaited to see you as a total person.

Crysti grew up in a world without an Internet and without a whole lot of information on being a crossdresser/transvestite or a transsexual.  She started off crossdressing, but it went on from there....all the way to transition.

In seven short posts, Crysti leads you through the process of discovering herself.  The links to all seven poses are below:

First in a Series

Transition Part II 

Transition Part III

Transition Part IV

Transition Part V

Transition Part VI

Transition Part VII 

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