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Friday, June 10, 2016

And a one, and a two…

At a restaurant with friends, I went to the gents to fix my lipstick after the meal. A guy walked in after me and immediately went into Embarrassed Brit Mode (imagine a young Hugh Grant doing his flustered-and-stuttering routine).

Gent: “Oh, christ! I’m terribly sorry! I thought this was the gents!”

Me: “Nah, you’re okay; this is the gents. I’m just doing my makeup.”

Gent: “Um… um… …” [leaves, unrelieved] 

And a one, and a two…, is a somewhat humorous look at the restroom situation from Miss Twist....  I love the graphic that goes along with the post, but I'll make you go there to look at it.


  1. OMG so can't believe such a similar post to mine in the same couple of days. Ok so mine's not as entertaining. Good post! But her having a pleasant Hugh Grant a-like walk in and not a less understanding chap was relatively lucky. Still so funny though ;o)

    1. Jodie, do we have your blog listed on T-Central?


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