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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Ups and downs: Transgender mental health

I came home from that trip late on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend.   I relapsed into a full depression, and spent the next three days unable to get out of bed.  Ironically, home was the one place where I had the least liberty to be myself.  I just couldn't take it.

Rebecca is a new blogger and a fine writer.  She wrote her first post in MayHer blog a journal outlining her journey towards the goal of transitioning.

Rebecca is Mormon.  Like many religions, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is not very accepting of those who identify as "transgender", "transsexual", etc.  Transitioning from one gender to another can be considered a violation of Church law.  Rebecca has been dealt a heavy load, and depression was the result.  That includes a religion that doesn't accept her, a marriage that will most likely end up in divorce, and several kids who will have to learn how to accept the person who is their father as she transitions from male to female.

Rebecca (who found me via my own blog) and I have exchanged emails and her reasons for transitioning are, in my opinion, very real.  She desperately would like not to, but she can't.  Ups and downs: Transgender mental health, is her current post.  There are three short posts prior to this one.  If you read all of them, you will be up to date on Rebecca's journey.

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