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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The beginning....

Growing up i always felt like i wasnt who i was supposed to be. I have two sisters close to me in age. I always enjoyed playing dress up in there clothes. My parents always wrote it off as a stage in life i would grow out of. Which i never did. At almost thirteen years of age my mother not knowing how to deal with it anymore and my step father not wanting to deal with it sent me to live with my father. He at this time was with another woman who had two daughters before him and a son and daughter together. Needless to say this didnt stop it only made it escalate. They took me to psychiatrists and therapists to as they put it "fix me". By this time i was now way into puberty and having dreams of the erotic kind as all young boys do, but mine were as me as a female not male. The doctors could not fix me. Living with them was not easy. I look back now and know i put a lot of strain on their relationship. At sixteen i was no longer living with either parent.

Maddie is a new blogger, recently listed on T-Central.  The excerpt, above is from her second post, dating back to a few weeks ago.  

She has no doubts about herself and the direction she's going in:

Hi my name is Maddison, Maddie for short. I am a 34 year old transgender. I was born male but am female. I have lived the first almost 35 years of my life as a man but will finish it out living as a woman.

Since then, she has blogged frequently.  Please check out her blog, starting at, The beginning....

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  1. I logged in and saw my blog. I can't thank you enough for the support you have shown me. Yall made my day.


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