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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bonding Between Us

The first time telling a partner about a gender identity disorder can be the most painful and naive moments in life with everlasting effects. I had lived with the gender thing since I was about three with an accumulation of experience and feelings but still a lack of understanding of what it actually is, why it is and the causes which none of us know I was probably naively expecting her to understand, even though telling her about it was the hardest thing I had done until that moment.

Many of the blog posts I feature are picked because I think T-Central followers will relate to what the author has written.   The excerpt above, from Hannah, is certainly a prime example.  I read that paragraph over and over and nearly came to tears.  Been there, done that, and faced the everlasting effects.  I'm sure Hanna's title, Bonding Between Us, refers to the bond between the two spouses in a marriage, but I do believe it could also refer to the bond between all of us who have had to go through the experience of telling a partner.

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