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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Just when I thought things were fine...

I married a man, knowing nothing about the cross dressing.  It really hurts that every time I look at something nice for me, want to wear something feminine, his immediate response is along the lines of how he would look in it, wanting to dress up himself, or generally some other "tranny" reaction.  

I do believe it is important for many of us, who are married or thinking about marriage, to better understand how some spouses respond to crossdressing.  Some absolutely will not tolerate it and some do.  For those who do, it's important for the trans half of the family to understand when it's time to back off a bit.  

There are several blogs listed on T-Central, authored by spouses or girlfriends.  In this case, Pennywife laments on, just when she thought things were fine.

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