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Friday, February 17, 2017

Parallel Transitions and Intersectionality

I spent a lifetime looking for love. I found it in my husband M***. On October 28 2015, he made me his wife. M*** was the first man to love and accept me simply for being a woman. I found my Trans Lottery win. I'm happy now. Previously I had dated men who liked me as a novelty; exotic and different; something new to try. I was little more than a sexual fetish.

Jane, raised in the city, has been living in the Wales countryside for many years as a way to attain anonymity.  Now, it's time to transition back to the city, where attitudes have changed from what they used to be....but will that remain? 

Parallel Transitions and Intersectionality is a well written and thoughtful post, from Jane.  She's found happiness as a woman, but she's very concerned, as are all of us, about the changing political climates in both the UK and the USA and how that will affect trans rights in the future.


  1. Oh my gosh! I pride myself in my grammar and spelling and now I do injustice to the entire Welsh population! Clearly a typo. I do know how to spell Wales! Has since been corrected. Thank you, Anon.


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