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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Getting a pap smear as a transmasculine person

I don’t have a gynecologist.  I haven’t had one for probably 15 years.  The reason for that is because I felt so out of place there, so I let that aspect of my health passively slip away.  I’ve always gone to the dentist twice a year.  I was really into chiropractic care for years, consistently.  I’ve gotten eye exams.  I regularly go to a therapist and a psychiatrist.  I even have a primary care physician, and more recently, an endocrinologist.  But I’ve neglected and avoided anything related to my junk (this is just my preferred term for what I got going on down there…)

Included in JQ's "junk" is a cervix and a checkup of that particular body part is the subject of this blog post.  As Shawn points out in a comment, a hysterectomy eliminates the requirement for a pap smear in those transmen who elect to go with the surgery.  Great post, from Janitorqueer.

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