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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hit by “Trans-Friendly” Fire

When they interviewed me and my young trans daughter, both reporters seemed sympathetic to us and claimed to be trans-friendly.  So why did they turn around and write such transphobic articles?  

palsFrom GenderMom's blog post, regarding the picture on the right:

One of these little girls is trans. The other one gets to claim her gender without journalists constantly second-guessing her ability to do so. Can you guess which is which?

This is an article about transphobia, but not THAT kind of transphobia that you and I might experience.  This is about the "emerging" acceptance of parents that their child may, indeed, have gender identity issues and the lack of acceptance by the general public that a child, at 5 years old or whatever, can be trusted when claiming he or she is living within the wrong gender.  

Extremely well written and a must-read, from GenderMom.  

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