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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Guy Wearing a Bra who got searched by the TSA

One of my commitments with the store is to help all people find the intimate apparel which suits their needs, preferences, and budgets, including men. Men wear bras for any number of personal and medical reasons, and I have been a strong advocate in not only helping men traverse their own unique fit problems but also in encouraging broader societal acceptance. Through these efforts, I came to meet Shay who has a medical condition known as gynecomastia which causes the benign growth of breasts in biological males.

This is a different kind of featured post.  It's really not trans-related, but I found this on the Sophisticated Pair blog site.  Erica is associated with this store and it's her thoughts, in italics, above.  In her blog, she features a guest post from a costumer, Shay.  Shay is not trans, but he has gynecomastia and needs the support of a bra.  Shay writes about his experiences with the TSA. 

You can find more about Shay here.

Oh, and since this is a trans-friendly shop, why not check it out.

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