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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Do Crossdressers Really Exist

A couple years ago, when presenting to a class of medical students at Emory University,  I was surprised that the professor, one of the WPATH spokespersons who had a lot to do with defining what most understand to be the transgender umbrella, confided to me that he had not met a “crossdresser” before me or known one existed. He thought all who crossdressed were en route to transition.

Do Crossdressers Really Exist is a really interesting post, from Tasi.  Tasi is a crossdresser, with absolutely no desire to transition.  She does not do it for sexual gratification and does not consider it a fetish.  Problem is that some in the medical and academic communities, and the general public, equate crossdressing to transitioning.  Not so.  We know that!   

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