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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Trans in the Time of #MeToo

I am guilty. Let’s get this out right now, during the time I hid behind my mask, I acted in a way in which no person could question my wrong-headed manliness. I once convinced a married woman to cheat on her husband, it took me all night, lightly touching her, whispering in her ear, gently kissing her, to cajole her into having sex. I was determined to do it, not because we had an equal desire to have sex, but because I didn’t like her husband, he had questioned my masculinity. I am guilty.

The quote, above, is just a taste of what's in this post.  It's brutally honest; It's from Beth;  It's well worth reading.


  1. You forgot to include a link. I tried and can't find this with Google!

  2. So sorry, Emma. My error. It's there now.

    Thanks for checking in.

    Calie xx


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