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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Why Is The First Transgender Playboy Cover Girl Such A Big Deal?

High profile Trans Women inevitably come in for their share of transphobia. There has been much of it in the press recently.  Transphobic reactions seek to legitimise bigotry by emphasising the bizarre or by making it into an issue about the rights of women or of children.  Other girls are apt to cry foul when someone they see as male wins a beauty contest. In the end, no matter how beautiful or complete a trans woman may look it is seldom sufficient to ensure acceptance.

This is a well written piece, by Jane, which discusses not only Giuliana Farfalla, a cover girl in the German Playboy magazine, but how high profile trans women can not only help the cause but also bring out transphobia and hatred.  Jane also contrasts her own life which has certainly not always been that of the typical trans woman just living life in the shadows.

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