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Monday, May 7, 2018

Ladies Who Lunch

Sometimes it is hard to believe how much life has changed in three years. In February 2015, when Alice and I met for lunch, I was in male mode, but she told me, and I felt, that I was all woman. That was so much fun; my first taste of ladies who lunch.

It's so nice to see two of my favorite bloggers enjoying lunch together.  Halle has a short post about her lunch with Joanna and the benefits of being with someone who understands you.

I have met a few of the bloggers listed on T-Central.  Of the currently active bloggers, this includes Cassidy and Stana.


  1. And we are long overdue for our next get-together, Calie! :c)


  2. Would dearly love to meet you one day Calie.


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