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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Subject to debate

We really have to talk about gender, and about what it is not. Most of all, we have to focus not on gender, but on attitudes to each other. Jesting about a trans person is abusive. Shouting ‘you’re a man’ and ‘penis’ repeatedly at a trans woman on a TV show, and not being challenged, is abusive. Instructing your child not to associate with a trans child as a friend, is abusive. Putting gender up as the subject for debate, rather than challenging male attitudes to women, is abusive. Painting trans women as all being potential predators, as being essentially male, and painting trans men as failed butch lesbians, is abusive. Disenfranchising intersex people by not even including them is thinking about sex and gender, is abusive.

It's all about respect for each other and Andie says it so well in this post

If you haven't visited Andie's blog, I encourage you to take a look at a listing of posts she has done on the subject of Love and Relationships, a subject near and dear to me.  I especially liked, For Families: a summary.

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  1. I really find this type of thinking very confusing. The title of this post is "subject to debate". The very first sentence calls for a discussion of gender and "what it is not".
    Then the confusing part follows by the statement, "Putting gender up as the subject for debate, rather than challenging the attitudes of men towards women, is abusive.
    How can any discussion about anything take place when the parameters of said proposed discussion are so strictly and dogmatically limited.


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