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Sunday, September 16, 2018

a small incident

By this age I don't get intimidated by anyone, and at conversation's end he was a little more educated than before. He didn't know what was between my legs but he got to know what was between this girl's ears.

And just what was the incident?  Read, a small incident, to find out.

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  1. Hi Callie. Good job on choosing provocative posts. I like this one because it highlights a rather thorny yet obvious issue which the author refuses to acknowledge, or allow discussion or comments on unless they adhere strictly to their rather narrow and rigid narrative.
    So here is my point. The author braggs, or at least admits being proud about invading women's washrooms and changing rooms because his country has legislation allows it.
    So what does this mean? It means that ordinary women, old women feeble with age and young innocent girls, unequiped with male genitals, strength or privilege are again being subjugated by men for their pleasure and satisfaction without our consent. Any protest is met with intimidation and accusations of transphobia and bigotry. Please. Do us all a service. Allow open discussion. Post this comment.


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