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Sunday, September 23, 2018

How feminine is your voice?

Many of us M2F Transgenders have real concerns about our female speaking voices. And we have good reason for this.  Most cisgender males speak in a pitch approximately one octave lower than the average cisgender female. This means that for most people it is easy for people to identify male speech from female speech from pitch alone.  However, there is an area of androgynous overlap where both cisgender males and females speak in the same pitch range. This is the range that I have been trying to master speaking in, learning all the appropriate feminine speech patterns to have my voice identified as female when there is no other social clue to guide a listener.

How feminine is your voice?   In my opinion, the voice is the most important factor in passing when in the real world and living life as a woman 24/7.  Read more about it in an excellent post, from Marian.

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