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Saturday, November 10, 2018

The right frame of mind

Some of the Chams' folk were kind enough to provide their stories on what they get from attending. This is part of us trying to improve our website and make things more personal.

I've encouraged many of you over the years to attend a local TG group, assuming you have one in your community.  I don't know what I'd do without my friends in the Gems.  One of the many active groups out there are the Nottingham Chameleons....The Chams, as Lynn refers to her group.   

In her most recent post, The right frame of mind, Lynn writes about her week (as we can always count on Lynn to do :)).  She also includes a link to some personal Q and A's from some of the Chams.  It's good stuff.  I love the questions, and there's even a trans-guy included.


  1. Big up the tranguy massive!

    Ahem, I, umm, mean the transgender community is wide and accepting :-)

  2. Agreed Calie. Lynn always writes naturally. I liked her diary of good things, lest we forget as we always remember the bad things. It was also lovely to read the personal stories especially with a transman. Love Linda


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