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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

10 Years of T-Central!

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T-Central will be 10 years old on November 8th. How time flies!  In those ten years, we've had about 2,050,000 page views.  That may seem like a large number, but compared to commercial sites, it's not.  Nevertheless, for a trans related blogger site, I'll take it!

T-Central was established in 2008, by Lori D, an active blogger at the time. Lori's dream was to have a site to showcase transgender blogs from across the "spectrum". She chose the Blogger application to create T-Central, and it has done well by us over the years. We continue to feature interesting blog posts and new blogs on a regular basis.

In 2010, Lori retired from the world of trans-blogging to focused on her transition. She entrusted me with the keys to this wonderful site that she built. A number of links to other trans-related sites have been added since Lori left, but T-Central has otherwise remained unchanged, including the look of the site. Over the years, there have been several co-administrators. Currently, besides myself (located in California), we have Halle, who lives in the province of Ontario, in Canada, and Jenny, from England, in the UK.

Lori wanted T-Central to be a class act, with no ads and no pornographic material. We intend to keep it that way. There are some blog posts with clearly adult material in them relating to hormones, gender reassignment surgery, dating, etc., but blogs with pornographic material are not allowed to be listed. It can be a "fine-line", at times. Our bloggers write about transgender issues, which obviously can include sexual subject material.  The goal has been to keep it clean, fun and educational.

In T-Central's early years, Lori, asked me to write a post relating to not transitioning.  She recognized me then, as I recognize myself now, as someone born transsexual but with the will power and motivation to stay the course and not transition.  When Lori asked me if I would take over the site, I told her that the only reason she would choose me is for long-term stability of the site simply because most trans bloggers just stop blogging after they transition.  Knowing I probably wouldn't would make me a good choice, right?  Lori denied that, but I still maintain that it was as good as reason as any!

Last, but not least, if it wasn't for you wonderful bloggers out there, T-Central would not exist.  I love you all.  Please keep the posts coming.

 - Calie


  1. Congratulations on reaching that decade. May I say you and the team do a grand job.

  2. Congratulations to my friend Calie!!!

  3. Congratulations! I greatly appreciate your work.

  4. 10 years and 2 million views is something to be HUGELY proud of! You have done the site (and Lori's legacy) proud Calie. Here's to 10 years more. :)

  5. Very impressive and we are very grateful, Love Linda

  6. Congratulations on keeping going and offering this excellent resource. Here's to another ten years. Sue x

  7. Lori chose wisely! Well done, my dear friend.


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