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Sunday, December 30, 2018

I live

My heart breaks for the girl I used to be, that naive girl with shitty english and writing that still had hope for the future and really thought her life was going to get better, her family would accept her, she'd get hot and live the life she wanted to live. I'm a thing. It's so depressing to see that girl lose hope post after post until she becomes what I am today.

This post, from a Brazilian blogger, just makes me want to scream for her.  She needs support from her family and isn't getting it.  She also needs friends.  I'm assuming there is not a local transgender group where she lives.  Groups like the Gems (Northern California), the Chameleons (England), the MN T-Girls (Minnesota), Trans Kentucky, and many others would have members who could give comfort to this girl.  The post dates back to May.  I do hope she is still with us.

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