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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Destroy Your Enemies, Not Your Allies

Why do we come out to certain people in our lives?  Obviously we need to come out to our partners.  Most of us WANT to come out to our partners.  Most of us know it’s not fair to withhold secrets from our our partners but struggle with how to tell them.  But I also think that many of us want to tell our partners because we want to share this side of us with them.  This is a deeply personal side of us and we want to be open and honest with them.

Just last week, after many years of encouraging my trans friends to be straight with their partners, I told a friend at lunch that she should continue to keep it a secret.  The reason is not the topic of this post.....perhaps on my own blog.  Hannah, however, strongly believes that we should be straight with our partners and she has some good reasons to do so.  Your partner should be your ally and, as Hannah says, Destroy Your Enemies, Not Your Allies.

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