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Monday, June 9, 2014

We Want to Divorce LGB

Cyndi and Sevan are speaking from a perspective of their part of the world, but I must admit that I have had similar thoughts.

Cyndi writes:

Currently there is a toxic atmosphere in the halls of the LGBT. Gay men who have long held the reigns of power have recently en mass let transsexual women know just exactly what they think of us. We have been ridiculed and attacked numerous times over simple issues of respect. Where we have asked for the dignity to designate for ourselves what we find to denigrate us, we have been ridiculed, shamed and told to grow thicker skin. The problem is that most TS women I have known do not have thick skin enough to take betrayal. We can handle the slurs and bigotry of the outside world. We have been fighting it since the beginning of patriarchy. But to have ones supposed allies turn on you in the midst of battle is an untenable situation.

I've seen it to, and I'd add some in the lesbian community to that list.

Take a look at this post and a couple of the more recent posts from this married couple.  Leave comments here or, preferably, on their blog, Candiussel Corner

1 comment:

  1. What an interesting concept which is beginning to actually have a basis in reality.
    The more we transgender women and men are able to claim out place in society-the more out of place we become with the gay and lesbian communities.
    We always were, but were never in a place to voice it..Plus we made the terrible mistake of thinking the gay's or lesbians shared any kinship with us at all-which they didn't.
    Personally, I have always found the cis-gay population to be less understanding and more entitled than the lesbians-who for the most part I get along with.
    I think rather than a "divorce" we should seriously consider a "separation."


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