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Monday, June 23, 2014


Meg has had an interesting series of posts discussing her views of the "endpoints" for trans folks.  Specifically:

  • Occasional crossdressing
  • Full-Time crossdressing
  • Full Gender reassignment
  • Gender fluid
Meg has a post up titled Endgame, discussing her thoughts on just how far a transgender person goes before reaching the "Endgame".  It's the first in a series of posts.  So far, Meg has posts up on three of the four categories.

Go here for the first post in the series, Endgame.

Meg follows up with: 

Endpoint: Full Time

Endpoint: Gender Fluid

Endpoint: Gender Reassignment Surgery

Endpoint: Occasional Crossdressing

Meg is a prolific blogger, always with something to write about.  Drop by her site and leave a comment if you wish.

Thanks to Halle for pointing out this series of posts from Meg's blog, Call Me Meg.

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