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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Not So Hard

"Trains and Dresses" is a blog written by the mom of a transgendered child.  She describes herself:

I am a mom to two amazing children. Kegan who is MTF transgender, bold, brave, and full of light. Sean who is rough & tumble, sensitive, thoughtful, and full of grace. All names on Trains and Dresses are changed to protect the identity of my sweet Kegan and my loving Sean. I am truthful in all my words, but this is only partially my story and until Kegan is old enough to decide how much she wants to share with the world, I will respect her privacy as much as possible. But I will speak for Kegan, I will rejoice when Kegan is seen as just a regular kid, I will cry when Kegan or Sean are hurt. I will work to help society choose its values based on love and acceptance. (PS: I am married to an incredible man who is also brave, bold, thoughtful, so patient with me, and the best person I could ever hope to have for the parent of my children.)

This mom has a lot to say about what's so hard and what's NOT so hard, when it relates to having a transgender child. Let's take a brief look:

Whats so hard:

your husband dying suddenly when your 

youngest child is 12 months old

being diagnosed with terminal cancer at 8 months pregnant

being told your infant is facing a life or death crisis

taking care of your paralyzed father while raising a child

spending night after night in the hospital caring for a loved one: young or old

losing your job without having a big savings accoun

being told it is time to consider hospice care for your child who was healthy until two days ago

What's NOT so hard:
having a child tell you, “I am a girl,” when for the first five years of that child’s life you thought she was a boy is certainly not easy, but let’s be realistic it is not hard.
Oh, and she has lot more to say on this subject. The blog is Trains and Dresses. The post is Not So Hard.

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