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Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh me, oh my! A cure for loneliness

Whether it be due to transphobia, rejection by loved ones and former friends, or whatever, loneliness is a problem for many in the trans community, including those who have been post-op for many years.

The problem is very, very close to home for me with some of my very dear friends suffering from loneliness and depression.  So, when I saw the title of Angie's most recent post, I knew that this would be a positive post.  Angie has been fighting loneliness, but somehow always seems to have a positive attitude on life and THAT is what keeps the big D at bay.

I love positive blog posts.  Angie's, Oh me, oh my! A cure for loneliness, is a good one.  Take a look and, if you get a chance, leave her a comment asking her how the ukulele is going.

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