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Friday, July 25, 2014

Fending off a TRANS-DAR Alert

Down at the bottom of this page is a section called, "Cobweb Corner".  This is where we have placed inactive blogs, most with the most recent post well over a year ago.

I was going through some of these blogs the other day and found several that deserved to be featured.  One of these is Passing 201, which is full of information for the "emerging" transsexual or crossdresser who is taking her first steps out in public.

Linda Stevens, the blog's author, sets the scene...

You are at the grocery store one afternoon, and have stopped in front of the fish counter to check out their current selection. As you bend over to peer though the glass, you become aware of hushed whispering off to your left, and as you look up this couple, about the same age as you, watch you intently with a frown on their faces as you stand upright again.

...and suggests how you are to handle it.

I don't believe we ever featured this blog on T-Central.  This featured post and all of the posts to this blog date back to 2009, but all can certainly apply in 2014.

The post is titled, Fending off a TRANS-DAR Alert

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