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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trans Thoughts and Reflections - Melissa

While we're seeking guest posts for another Thoughts and Reflections series, I thought I'd link to one of the 2010 guest posts.

This one is from one of the most loved trans-bloggers I've seen since I've been following blogs.   Melissa passed away three years ago, but remained blogging almost to the end. 

Melissa's guest post is titled,

Read her post and enjoy.  And, while you're reading Melissa's guest post, think about doing one of your own, which will be featured this Fall on T-Central.  Just let one of the T-Central administrators (Calie / Halle / Jenny) know that you would like to write something for our feature series.  You can find out profiles at the bottom right of this page.
Melissa's blog is still out there.  THIS post gives you, dear reader, an idea as to just how many blogging friends she had around the world.  And while I'm looking back through this sweet girl's blog, To Hell With Being a Girl, is another one that gives you an idea why so many of us, who were fortunate to be around to see her daily posts, loved her so.

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