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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Am My Own Girlfriend

When I look for a blog to feature, I try to find the new bloggers.  Featuring their blogs introduces T-Central followers to new bloggers and the new bloggers end up with new readers.

Every day, I look through the list of posts on T-Central and find that Stana's Femulate blog is always near the top of the list.  When I see one of Stana's posts, I always think that everyone who follows T-Central has already seen the post, so why feature it?

Stana is a friend, however, and it seems wrong not to feature her wonderful site once in a while.  Besides that, nearly half of the referrals to T-Central come from the Femulate site.  There has to be a way to thank Stana and I'm doing it today by featuring a post she did in 2009, which may have never been read by new followers of the Femulate blog.  I Am My Own Girlfriend kind of sums up what Stana is all about.

I'll remind our readers that Stana did a post for our Thoughts and Reflections series in 2010, which is well worth reading if you haven't seen it.


  1. Thank you, Calie, for the nice blurb and the link to "I Am My Own Girlfriend." I had forgotten about that post, so I reread it and thought to myself that it was pretty good (LOL). By the way, here is a direct link to that post so your readers won't have to scroll more than need be:

    Again, thank you much!

  2. Thanks, Stana for point this out. My bad. I had the incorrect link. Fixed now.



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